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The World's Most
Comfortable Suit.

Stretch comfort. Machine washable.
Made for everyday performance.


Cutting-edge just got an upgrade. All-new proprietary Infinite Flex fabric puts your favorite pajamas to shame. Redesigned to be machine-washable for ultimate convenience. More lightweight and breathable. Resistant against wrinkles, stains and odors. The future of SmartWear is here.






Lightweight &

Infinite Flex Fabric

All-new proprietary InfiniteFlex fabric has been engineered to provide maximum comfort and freedom of movement unlike any other suit. We’ve even tested it on extreme sports athletes and yogis to ensure maximum performance.

Machine Washable

Say goodbye to dry cleaning. The xSuit 3.0 is specially designed to be machine washable, so you can forget about those costly dry cleaning bills and routine trips to the dry cleaners.

Thermo Fusing Technology

The xSuit 3.0 is constructed with proprietary fabric fusing technology that maximizes durability and enables it to be machine washable.

Unique to the xSuit 3.0 and the first of its kind in a suit.

Wrinkle Resistant

Designed to stay wrinkle-free and keep you looking sharp and immaculate all day long.

The xSuit naturally straightens out as you wear it, so you can forget about ironing or steaming.

Stain Resistant

Our advanced nanotechnology repels stains and liquids, keeping your xSuit clean and dry all day long.

Less stains means less washing, saving you time and money for the things that really matter.

Odor Resistant

Odors don’t get absorbed into the fabric easily like regular clothing.

You can wear the xSuit for days on end without worrying about it smelling.

xSuit vs Others
Other Suits
Premium Stretch Comfort
Machine Washable
Wrinkle Resistant
Stain Resistant
Odor Resistant

"The most comfortable, every day and everywhere suit."

"The comfy suit of the future is liquid repellent."

"An innovative suit that can withstand anything in its path."

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