How to Look Totally Dapper on Your Valentine’s Day Date

How to Look Totally Dapper on Your Valentine’s Day Date

When it comes to getting dressed up for your significant other, few occasions are more important to get right than Valentine’s Day. No matter whether you have just started meeting up or been married for decades, V-Day is the ideal time to break out your nicer clothes and accessories and show your confident and mature side.

Although it may seem simpler for men than women to put together an outfit, there are still a number of pitfalls that can lower the temperature of your date, or make it a pleasantly unforgettable one. So you are better to plan it out and make sure you get it right!

Suit with Cologne

Stick With What Works

Valentine’s Day is your chance to shine, and there are a number of ways you can ensure that you’ll make a great impression. Its not the time to break out your humorous graphic t-shirt or the ripped jeans that have seen better days. Instead, focus on the classic items that ladies have loved for years.

In general, you cannot go wrong with a nice suit jacket and pants in black or navy blue. It’s the ultimate in class and will make you look and feel great. With an xSuit, you’ll have the stretch and comfort of your pajamas, but look awesome in the meantime. And as an added bonus, the material is so pleasant to the touch that she just might not be able to keep her hands off you!

What you wear under the suit jacket is more optional. You could stick with a classic performance white dress shirt, which is a safe date-friendly option (you might even put on a tie for a full formal appearance). Or alternatively, you could go a bit more casual with a long sleeve solid color tee or polo type shirt – or a bit more adventurous with a pink or red shirt for the occasion. On the bottom, matching dress pants are the best bet, but you might be able to pull off a pair of dark jeans if they are nice enough.

Shoes Together

All About the Shoes

Its said that shoes are one of the items that men most under-estimate a woman’s care for. Indeed, your date will definitely notice what you are wearing on your feet. So make sure your shoes are nice and clean, and don’t just bring your old Nikes or Sketchers she’s seen you wear many times. You should have a few pairs of shoes for special occasions, and this time is one of them. In general, you can’t go wrong with a pair of nice black dress shoes (make sure they are polished and not scuffed). But if you want to add a bit more flair, a pair of solid white shoes can look really great and put a nice contrast to your otherwise dark outfit.

Suit Watch

Try a Watch

Nowadays, many men don’t bother wearing watches. Afterall, your phone is inn your pocket and always shows the time. But on occasions like this, your phone should be staying away (checking messages or scores during the date is a big no-no). Even if you have a smart watch, it doesn’t look so good on a nice outing. So skip on the technology and pull out a nice classic watch as an accessory – it’ll look great and matches perfectly with a suit!

Suit Pocket Square

Add Some Extra Style

While a suit and nice shirt can look and feel great, the extra touches are what will make your appearance the most memorable to your Valentine’s Day companion. A touch of red or pink is especially fitting for the occasion, and could include a flower lapel, pocket square, or a similarly colored shirt like mentioned before. You could even get a little fun with a pair of socks that has some nice red color or outgoing design. Having a little surprise in what you wear (without overdoing it) can re-kindle your long relationship to make it feel like your first date again.

Valentines Flowers

3 Valentine’s Date Do’s:

1) Freshen Up – make sure to take a shower before and use some nice cologne and/or aftershave that has probably been sitting in your bathroom for a while. Smelling good is needed to look and feel attractive!

2) Get the Right Fit – make sure the size and fit of your planned outfit still works. If its been a while since you last tried on the outfit, it might be a bit tight (or loose if you are luckier). But either way, the fit is really important for your appearance.

3) Bring Something Along – you don’t need to get something fancy, just a bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolates is good enough for most non-picky dates. But having something makes her feel special, especially if there are some envious glances of those around


And 3 Don’ts:

1) Don’t Forget Underneath – wear a clean and nice undershirt, socks, and underpants. You could try an xTee which is purposely designed to limit stains and odors. And for underwear, some nice solid white or black boxer-briefs or trunks will do the trick if things get a bit frisky later on.

2) Don’t Neglect Her Outfit – sure, we just talked all about how to look awesome. But when it comes to the date, make sure she knows you are paying attention to her and what she wears, with a couple of nice and genuine compliments to start things off positive.

3) Don’t Split the Bill – no matter how you feel about going dutch or sharing costs on normal occasions, Valentine’s Day is not one of them. This is the time for you to put some aside to make her day special, and it will make the mood better for you too.

Well, now you are ready for your Valentine's Day date! The most important thing is to feel relaxed and confident, which will make the conversation flow and the connection to glow. No matter what you wear, a bad mood won’t save your important occasion, and you don’t want to have a year of regrets before the next one. Just remember the tips above and go out and enjoy your time together… you got this!



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