6 Can’t Miss Men’s Fashion Trends for 2022

6 Can’t Miss Men’s Fashion Trends for 2022

As we have just entered into 2022, now is a perfect time to explore some current workwear fashion trends, as well as what lies ahead in the coming year. While your New Year’s Resolutions may have already fallen on the wayside, it’s not too late to get ahead of the game on your wardrobe, and embrace the new year (and new world!) in a positive way.


1) Back to Office & Events

We will likely see new trends relating to people getting back to the office and together at more semi-formal gatherings and events. Office wear suits are also making a comeback on the baggier side, including oversized jackets and trousers as opposed to very slim fit. We also expect to be seeing office wear with more creativity, including new tailoring with funky designs and patterns which will be a revolution in the sphere in 2022 and coming years. With the continued growth of social media and livestreaming, this will continue to be a way for people to showcase their personality – especially as we move out further from the loungewear feel of the lockdown period and more into expressive community gatherings and situations.

Suit in Office

2) Convenient and Worry-Free Travel-Wear

With the return to more events also will come more common traveling, including business trips and other activities. This will bring a need for clothing that is durable and worry-free. Gone are the days of bulky and ugly suit bags, when you can instead put your anti-wrinkle performance suit in your suitcase or bag and know it will be as ready for the events of the next day as you are. At xSuit, all of our apparel is designed with top grade materials and technology to solve the pain points of traditional suits - think no more ironing or liquid/stain problems, and even full machine washability. These features will change how people think of suits as a very formal item, to a versatile fashion piece that can be used and alternated in various situations.

Travel Suitcase

3) Leather & Retro Style

Leather has been big recently, and will continue to be a statement piece. People remain into the distressed biker look, reminiscent of the LA Rock era. Meanwhile, some retro styles are coming back, with some more creativity and room for individualism. This keeps a level of formality and style while showing off individualism characteristics of the new social media age. For example, cardigans and sweater vests are coming back hard and will continue to grow.

Leather Suit

4) More Colors & Patterns

People will continue to show their creativity incorporating colorful and unique prints and designs into more traditional outfits. This trend is aligned with the personality of the younger generation, which prefers to be individual and unique, while also maintaining good style and trendiness. It is different from some previous eras, where an extra-casual and even sloppy type of look was considered cool. Instead, more focus is on fun and colors and creativity while still maintaining more formal elements. xSuit is also excited to explore new colors of its suits and shirts based on feedback, and plans to offer some exciting new options in 2022.

Color Suits

5) Sustainability & Minimalism

Responsibility and sustainability are huge current topics, and are continuing to become more important. This mindset of younger people will continue to stay in focus as people choose their lifestyles and even wardrobes. Fast-fashion has had a strong run in the early 21st century, but inherently it creates a lot of waste, with people buying cheap clothes and discarding them in each new season.

Instead, the trend towards sustainability will incentivize people to have smaller, more minimalistic wardrobes that are of higher quality, and easy to layer or adjust into different styles. It will also lend to the importance of buying higher quality, durable, timeless fashion that can be used in many situations and seasons.

Minimalist Accessories

6) High Tech & Fun Accessories

Why not accessorize your outfit with some supplemental items that look good and have interesting features? From watches to belts to ties, people are enjoying the ability to add their own flair, while embracing colors and styles that meet their personalities. Keep an eye out in the coming months for some new products from xSuit that will help to liven up your outfit, while always keeping comfortable and looking good!


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