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Why It’s Important to Have a Wrinkle-free Suit

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As a busy professional, you never know where the day might take you, but it’s important to be prepared for anything. That means not only mentally and logistically prepared, but also physically.

The problem is that most outfits won’t get you through an entire day while maintaining a crisp, cool, and professional appearance. Enter the wrinkle-free suit, an outfit engineered to withstand hours of travel, business meetings and social engagements without collecting wrinkles, stains, and odors.

Travel Tips 101: Packing the Right Apparel

If you frequently travel for work, you understand the challenge of packing efficiently without foregoing the essentials. When packing with the restricted space of the overhead bin in mind, the outfit you choose to wear for travel becomes an equally important consideration.

At the same time, most professionals who are part of the global and mobile business world fully book their travel schedule to make the most of every minute, meaning you are likely to go directly from the airport or train station to a conference lecture or meeting with a colleague or client. In between traveling and conquering professional tasks, there isn’t a spare moment to go change your outfit or iron your suit. Selecting a non-iron suit made of stain- and wrinkle-resistant material is your answer to the problem.

With the right travel suit, you can be relaxed and comfortable in-flight or in the car, yet still look sharp upon arrival. Without missing a beat, you can head to that important meeting or presentation without stopping by your hotel room. That means you have one less outfit to pack and you can optimize your limited time when traveling for business or pleasure.

Also, first impressions matter. While appearance doesn’t define self-worth, it is an important extension of your professional identity. Dressing in a sophisticated suit – sans wrinkles – communicates to colleagues, clients, and the general business community that you take your work seriously and put stock in your professional reputation. Showing up looking sloppy will have your audience equating that appearance with the supposed quality of your work. It’s in your power to make every first impression work for you rather than against you.

Balancing Comfort and Class

You want to be comfortable while traveling yet arrive at your destination looking like you mean business. It sounds like an unrealistically tall order. xSuit, however, has the capacity to fill it with a suit that can traverse each of your professional and personal engagements in a given day – or even during overnight travel – without looking worse for the wear. Available in both sport and corporate styles, it incorporates custom-made performance fabrics, a tailored fit, and premium design details to be the most comfortable and versatile suit on the market.