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Our Technology

Cutting-edge technology powers the xSuit—from the way the fabric is produced, to the way it's put together.






Lightweight &

Infinite Flex Fabric

Our proprietary Infinite Flex fabric is the third iteration of our premium stretch fabric that incorporates the latest in fabric technology and all the feedback we’ve received from previous customers.

We’ve made the fabric stretchier, lighter and more breathable than ever before. You won’t believe you’re wearing a suit when you feel the soft and airy fabric on your skin.

Thermo Fusing Technology

State-of-the-art thermo fusing technology eliminates the need for stitching in the xSuit, making it lighter, sleeker and more durable than ever before. Our thermo fused taping is 5 times stronger and more durable than traditional sewing thread, and makes the xSuit machine washable.

With no stitch holes and a consistent adhesive bond throughout the garment, the xSuit is even more resistant to water and other liquids. The flexibility of the thermo fused tape enhances the stretch capabilities of the xSuit, allowing for even more comfort and freedom of motion.

USA-Developed Nanotechnology

One of the key innovations that makes the xSuit stand out is our proprietary nanotechnology that protects it against stains and odors. Our USA-developed technology is more effective than anything else on the market. Watch liquids roll right off the xSuit, keeping it clean and significantly reducing the amount of washing needed.

Wrinkle Resistance

Our fabric is woven with a proprietary pattern that provides resistance against wrinkles, keeping the xSuit looking clean and pressed all day long. While wearing the xSuit, the fabric uses your body heat to activate its shape memory and return to its default state.

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