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How to Keep Your xSuit Looking Sharp

Take pride in your clothes, men. That seems to be the general axiom to keeping ourselves looking sharp and clean.

We know how to go about it, firsthand or per our mothers’ uh...instructions since we were little kids. The importance of being a tidy dresser: Uber-polished but not lacquered; not stiff. How to be sharp without giving the impression that some trendy department store exploded on your head. How to carry off your own, personal cool guy stamp without being mistaken for a medium hatched maybe-Rockstar. How to accomplish the casual, elegant man-of-the times, not too clean-shaven image, without being chosen as the poster male of some jungle-prone, dubious organization not known for its knowledge of deodorant.

We know the old standards about painstaking ironing of creases, lightly starched, hung instead of folded shirts, and keeping yourself out of the rain, or away from a falling drop of coffee, even a tiny gob of mayonnaise. Away from stains, guys. Stains that could cruelly end the life of your best suit forever.

Corporate Jacket Charcoal

Those Medieval fears are over. Enter the xCorporate by xSuit; just one stellar example of a whole new order in men’s clothing. A perfectly crafted jacket that is liquid and stain-repellent, wrinkle-free and odor resistant: the jacket that can stay on through thick and thin, bad weather, long meetings and even out-of-control gatherings, business or social.

The xCorporate jacket and pants by xSuit, with their 4-way stretch, top fabric, and lining, offer unparalleled suit comfort while efficiently protecting you against natural elements and everyday risks. Breathable lamination and mesh fusing technologies make these amazing, classy pieces clean and sharp enough for the office yet tough enough to endure most of life’s attacks on your best good suit.

The specs are simple: The xSuit is fully lined with fine elastic nylon; sewn with Amann Sabaflex thread and reinforced with Freudenberg stretch Canvas; sleek Helsa shoulder pads; anodized metal buttons (sleeves have eight functional buttons); five inner pockets with one YKK zipper closure and two front welt pockets.

Corporate Jacket Black

But the care instructions are simpler yet and will guarantee quality control and durability.
Dry clean by a specialist using oil-based solvent only. Do not use perchloroethylene. Do not bleach. Do not wring. Lightly iron or press. Period.

You will look effortlessly dressed to kill, with minimal need for upkeep.