Our Story


We believe that you should never have to sacrifice comfort for the sake of style. The clothes you wear should complement your looks and your lifestyle, not just your looks.

We seek out and develop the most cutting-edge technology in order to make the most comfortable clothing that keeps you looking your best all day long.

Join us on our mission to create modern clothing that’s comfortable, stylish and easy-to-maintain for men all over the globe.

How It All Started

Traditional suits are stiff, uncomfortable, and a hassle to maintain. After years of putting up with suits in a corporate environment, Maximilien Perez had an idea to create the ultimate solution.

After months of research and prototyping, the first xSuit was born. Made with wrinkle-resistant stretch fabric and utilizing proprietary nanotechnology to add stain and odor resistance, it was the first of its kind.

The xSuit broke boundaries and set new standards which led to it becoming the most funded suit ever on Kickstarter and Indiegogo, with over $650,000 raised. Features in popular publications such as Forbes, Business Insider and Mashable came one after the other, putting xSuit in front of thousands of men worldwide.

Quality Over Quantity

All of our products are designed with minimalism in mind. We believe that less is more, that quality is more important than quantity.

All of our garments last 5 times longer than average. Our versatile designs enable easy mixing and matching to give you a wide range of choices in outfits and styles.

The X Symbol

We chose the letter X for its technological, scientific, and intellectual meanings. It's always been a powerful symbol, just as powerful as the garments we wanted to create.

X represents the crossing of two things, which was the basis of xSuit—crossing sartorial workwear clothing with performance wear to create a new category—SmartWear.