Why and When You Should Replace the Filter to Your xMask #NewFilterWhoDis - XSuit

Why and When You Should Replace the Filter to Your xMask #NewFilterWhoDis

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The recent introduction of masks into our everyday lives has left many of us with questions pertaining to proper mask etiquette. As states gradually begin to reopen, the prerequisite of wearing a mask is without question. And with an increase in use comes a similar boost in making sure your gear is properly maintained to ensure maximum protection.

While it's important to note that not all masks are cut from the same cloth (wow that was a good one), arguably the most integral piece that requires attention is the filter as it's crucial in helping to prevent contaminants from reaching your lungs. So, to keep you properly protected, we ask that before you get to maskin’, you read up on our answers to all the questions you’ve been askin’.

Duration of Use

Unlike a fine wine, regularly used filters do not get better with age; which is why many masks are only good for about 8 hours of use before they begin to lose their effectiveness. Luckily for you, the xMask Filters can offer up to 100 hours of protection. However, even the best mask will endure wear and tear over time which ultimately diminishes its efficacy. So, we recommend taking a look at your mask after each use, with specific attention towards the filter to notice any damage that you may have missed.

Additionally, prolonged usage will inevitably result in a buildup of particles which dulls the quality of your mask’s performance overtime. Not only will it compromise your safety, but you may begin to find it more difficult to breathe, especially if you already suffer from respiratory conditions. So, if you begin noticing increased discomfort when breathing with your mask on, then we suggest it’s time to switch out that filter with a fresh one.


One of the primary factors that can help determine when to replace your filter is where you’re wearing it. If you’ve visited a high-risk area that’s prone to heavy pollution, then you should be changing out your filter after each use. If you happen to be in an area without much pollution, but your mask becomes damaged, breaks or you begin experiencing difficulty breathing, then it’s time to replace it immediately. But typically (not that there’s anything typical about any of this), if you’re just heading out to run errands in the local neighborhood, then a standard mask should provide you with about 8-12 consistent hours of protection.



And speaking of wearing your mask, that brings us to our next point…not wearing it. When you aren’t wearing your mask, be sure to keep it in a sealed container. Many people are unaware that when you leave your mask out in your closet or sitting on your bedside table, it naturally collects dust (think 8th grade retainer). Similar to when you’re wearing it out in the world, it will do its job by trapping particles…even when it’s not being used. So, when you’re not sporting your social shield, be sure to store it in something to the likes of Tupperware or anything that you can seal tight to prevent air or other particles from reaching inside.


As mentioned earlier, if your filter suffers even the slightest bit of damage, replace it immediately. Sure, the xMask filter is equipped with 5 layers of protection, but ripped or wet filters will compromise your safety in even the most advanced gear. And since 2020 is apparently the year that’s full of surprises, we recommend purchasing a filter refill pack with your xMask so that you can be prepared for the unexpected.



So, there you have it...

A few tips on maintaining the condition of your mask and filters to promote the highest level of protection. You always need to take care to only select top quality medical supplies, which include masks. But believe us, you’ve already chosen the best shield on the market as the xMask offers unbeatable coverage that you can trust. But remember even a Ferrari needs to have its oil changed. So, stay smart, stay healthy and stay protected with the xMask (and fresh filters).