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The Benefits of a One Button Suit

One of the biggest debates in menswear is how many buttons a man should have on his suit. The rule of suit styles in centuries past was that the bottom button of any jacket should remain unbuttoned. This changed in the 1930s when one-button suits gained traction and the trend exploded in the 1960s. A one-button suit was rebellious and slightly counterculture, and it was the more casual option for formal events. Though reserved largely for lounge and dinner jackets since its 1960s peak, a one-button suit announces a modern man’s sense of style and confidence.

It Fits More Proportionally

Whether they are aware of it or not, all men play a game with proportion when deciding which style of suit works best with their bodies. Many ask themselves, “What size suit am I?” without understanding how a suit should fit. The whole point of a suit is to have the proper silhouette, drape, and fit. Proper suit fit enhances masculinity. Men with larger builds do not tend to gravitate toward skinny lapels. A narrow lapel gives the illusion of a broader chest, which is not great when your build is already substantial.

A single button suit, on the other hand, balances wide peak lapels and shoulders for a slimming effect. Wider lapels make the eye travel down. They are customary with a one-button suit, which lowers the button stance and is ideal for taller men.

Therefore, a one-button suit is often recommended for a great look that can fit both casual and formal settings. It's also good for complimenting a body shape that has a little weight on it. Rarely would one want to button more than one button of their blazer jacket anyway, so they extra buttons are not needed.


Highlights Quality Fabrics

A men's performance suit from xSuit brings the future to the present with nanotechnology that keeps the suit free of stains, odors and wrinkles. Each waterproof suit is crafted from high-quality performance materials and features workmanship rivaling Seville Row, without the hefty price tag. Every suit is a comfortable masterpiece of modern design and traditional silhouettes. A one-button suit keeps the fabric flowing and looks effortless.


Shares the Spotlight

A one-button athletic cut suit allows for a deeper V to show off a killer shirt and tie combo or even a vest. xSuit offers the xTee, a premium men's t-shirt made with Pima cotton. Marked by solid and simple design, the xTee fits with a modern xSuit and is a comfort as you go about your day. Like the xSuit, the xTee is stain-resistant and perfect for any season. You can add a pop of color or harness the power of a bold print tie without interrupting the flow of a one-button suit. Express your style with a one-button suit and xTee.


Makes the Rules Easier to Remember

The general rule for multi-button suits is to keep the top button buttoned when standing and unfastened when you sit. Always leave the bottom button open for both waistcoats and jackets. This rule dates back to the early 1900s and was started by King Edward.

Command the boardroom, your friend's wedding, or airport terminals with a one-button xSuit. Go out about your day free from the worry of sweat, odor, and wrinkles.