The Struggles of Having a Wrinkled Shirt and Suit

The Struggles of Having a Wrinkled Shirt and Suit

There are not many more common complaints about dress clothes than the “wrinkle-factor”, where your seemingly attractive and durable suit and shirt fail to the pressures of being compacted in a place. When trying to look as professional and snazzy as possible, a wrinkly shirt and pants will send a shock of fear down the spine of every man. And for good reason - there is not a much bigger indicator of sloppiness and being unprepared than wrinkled clothes. But it’s not easy to bring work clothes unscathed on a trip, unless you use a big garment bag, which is awkward and also not perfect at preventing bends in clothes. Or alternatively, you thought you had folded a dress shirt, but when it comes out opened it is far from smooth.

Getting wrinkles out of a shirt and suit can also be quite a task. You can break out the iron and ironing board, if you have one nearby and it’s not convenient. But even so, it often leaves creases in uncomfortable places, unless you really know what you are doing. There are also some sprays and items that can help, also to limited degrees. In these times, it would really pay off to have a wrinkle-resistant xShirt and xSuit set for your trip.

In this post, we’ll talk about an example story - which many of us have encountered in some degree during the years. Besides the two unpleasant outcomes, we’ll also share about how modern apparel technology has allowed for this situation to never come up in your life again, and a little bit about how it works.

Wrinkle Suit Rushed

The Wrinkle Horror Story

Our protagonist, James, has just arrived in Dallas for a big sales meeting. He is meeting with the big-wigs of his target account, and his success would mean the largest acquisition his company has had all year. Having arrived late, he left his clothes in his suitcase ready for the next morning. Off to sleep he goes…

Unfortunately, his phone alarm goes off late, and he needs to leave for his important meeting in just minutes. Forget about breakfast, he has to get dressed quickly! But even worse, when unpacking his regular suit and dress shirt, he sees that they have wrinkled severely in transit.

Here are the two situations that James might face next, determining the outcome of his business event:

Ending #1

Not being able to find a reasonable alternative in time, James puts on the shirt, pants, and jacket. They look pretty bad and he knows it. The pants are really wrinkled, so he tries to rub them to remove the creases, without much effect. For the shirt, he tries to hide it by buttoning the suit jacket, which itself does not look great. The whole day in the back of his mind he feels uncomfortable with his appearance, and notices people looking at him strangely. His unconfidence transfers into his presentation, and his all-around attitude. In the end, he loses the major target contract, leaving himself to wonder, what if he has done another way in the morning while getting ready?

Wrinkled Stressed Outside

Ending #2

James realizes that he cannot look good with what is currently going on with his work clothes. The wrinkles will be clearly noticeable to all and will ruin his performance all day. But there is also no time at all. He first texts his boss announcing that he will be a bit last, receiving a curt reply. Next, he scours his hotel room for options. There is an old iron in the closet he can use, but no ironing board. So instead he plugs the iron in and uses the tv table as a flat surface. He goes through ironing the shirt, pants, and jacket with what he has, but it is hard to get them out in a hurry and creases appear on the other side of the garment, as well as some residue from the iron. He also remembers that he packed a wrinkle-release spray, which helps a bit. In the end, James is able to make a satisfactory (albiet not ideal) effort to reduce his wrinkles. But it took him a lot of time and he is rattled for the day ahead. Meanwhile, his boss is steaming for having to postpone the client meeting to a later time. It won’t be a fun day ahead..

Ironing Board Stressed

Obviously, both outcomes are not good. Perhaps the second outcome is better because at least he was able to (mostly) address the problem, but also added a lot of stress to his day and started him off late. Now what if instead of the above two, James suddenly remembers that he had packed an xSuit and matching white xShirt in the bottom of his bag?


How is this Anti-Wrinkle Technology Achieved?

A number of technologies are incorporated into combating wrinkles on suits and shirts. In the case of xSuit products, USA-Developed Nanotechnology and Infinite Flex Fabric is woven with a proprietary pattern that provides resistance against wrinkles, which means it is much easier to reduce any crease issues by just a few shakes. It also uses body heat to activate its shape memory and return to its default state.

This is a complex way of saying that your suits and shirts able to stay looking clean and pressed all day long - without requiring ironing, pressing, or praying that your wrinkles will go away or won’t be noticed.

xSuit Packed



Now you’ve all about wrinkles and preventing them, but have you seen how to get rid of stains, or help avoid them before they happen? Check it out and be wrinkle and stain free moving forward!