What Color Suit Should I Get – Black, Blue, or Grey?

What Color Suit Should I Get – Black, Blue, or Grey?

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What Color Suit Should I Get – Black, Blue, or Grey?

Recently we’ve discussed how a good suit can make a big difference in your personal brand presentation – especially in important situations like job interviews. However, another question that comes up a lot is how to select the color (or colour, depending on where you come from) of suit – and is it different based on the situation?

Well at xSuit we are all about showing off creativity and personality. And for some fun holiday parties, you might get a lot of attention rocking a crazy pattern novelty suit. But those will likely get buried in your storage after a use or two. The truth is for most occasions, there are 3 colors of suits that are go-to, can’t-miss options for any occasion – black, navy blue, and grey.

Let’s look at each color and dig into the meaning and personality behind it.


Black xSuit 3.0

A black suit is the most classic and formal option. If you really are going to own just one suit for minimalist purposes, then this you can’t go wrong with selecting this classic option. And in fact, our jet black suit color is the most popular xSuit 3.0 option. Here are some reasons why people like black:

  • It can work for the most formal of occasions, whether an important wedding or interview, business event, or other high-end activity
  • Black is traditionally known as a color showing confidence, power, and authority. A crisp black suit makes people take note of your presence.
  • For people who are a bit more image conscious or have a somewhat larger figure, a black suit can be the most flattering for all body types
  • Its good for travel since it’s the best at hiding wrinkles and other marks. But if you are getting an xSuit, we have this area covered since all of our suit colors have a focus on being anti-wrinkle, stains, and liquids!
  • A black suit is very flexible for different kinds of styles and shirts

As you can see, black has a lot going for it in terms of suits. What is a reason not to choose black? Well some outgoing types may want to be a bit different than the crowd and not wear the most common color. Either, way we suggest that the best way to go is always have one black suit, and supplement it with another of one of the following two colors….


Navy Blue xSuit 3.0

A dark blue suit (at xSuit we call it Midnight Blue while others will refer to it as navy) is another striking option to consider. Do you want to showcase your confidence and personality, while being a bit different than the standard? A dark blue suit just might be the perfect option for you as a second suit (or maybe even your go-to first choice). Let us explore the ways why the ever-beloved blue color will never go out of style:

  • While black is known for confidence and power, dark blue suits score for being associated with trustworthiness and a warm personality, as well as strong productivity. So don’t be afraid to break it out for a job interview.
  • Similar to black, it’s very versatile to building different outfits. It’s also great for all seasons, whether in the summer or wintertime.
  • Do you have blue eyes? If so, the dark blue can accentuate them and give you a nice attractive match.
  • Everyone loves the color blue! OK, not literally everyone, but it is the most popular color in the world based on all demographics and continents.

One thing to note about blue is that different suit brands have different shades of the color, some of which are nearly black, while others are much lighter. At xSuit, we have done numerous tests for blue color shading and settled on a Midnight Blue that is in the middle of these – a dark color that also adds some brightness and personality appeal.


Grey xSuit 3.0

Grey is the third most popular suit color, and often doesn’t get the same attention as its black or navy breathen. But that doesn’t mean that it isn’t awesome! In fact, xSuit CEO and Founder Max Perez specifically designed a special Graphite suit color for the xSuit 3.0 that is sure to look and feel perfect on you.

But maybe you are still hesitant to buy a grey suit. Its understandable that you might want to have a black or navy blue suit as one option in your closet, but we definitely endorse supplementing it with a grey variety that you can go to and mix things up. Here a few reasons why grey is great:

  • It’s a classy color, and is associated with intelligence and efficiency.
  • You’ll stand out by wearing it among the black and blue suit wearers, but in a good way and not too much like you are overdoing it.
  • Grey is a neutral color that can also be matched well. Add a nice touch of color with a tie or other accessory to really get some pop.
  • For people a bit on the older side, a nice dark grey like the Graphite shade can add a nice compliment to facial features – while also looking great on younger people

3 Suit Jackets Comparison

And The Winner Is…

Ok, as you may have guessed there is not one color winner. First of all, it depends on your personality and style, and as you can see above, each has its own great features. At xSuit we always suggest to have two suits in your wardrobe, to both have a backup and also give your style some more flexibility. In this case, you absolutely can’t go wrong by having one black suit, and the other that is either navy blue or grey. And if you wanted to get all three, we think you’ll be feeling super confident and ready to rise to any occasion that is thrown at you!

What is your favorite color of suit and why? We’d love to hear your feedback here or on our social media. And now that you are an expert about suit colors, be sure to check out our one-stop sizing guide to understand how to get the perfect jacket and pants match!