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5 Reasons Why a Top Quality T-Shirt is Really Worth It

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If being comfortable at all times is your priority, then wearing tees that allow you just that are important. Keep reading to learn about high-quality tees and their benefits.

5 Reasons Why a Top Quality T-Shirt is Really Worth It

A t-shirt is a clothing item that graces everyone’s wardrobe during their lives. From babies to kids to teens to adults, a tee is worn by all. It’s a great, classic fashion statement that goes along with everything: jeans, trousers, shorts, formal pants – you name it. Whether you have a casual dinner party to go to or a fancy wedding – you can just pair it with something that goes with the theme and tone of the event.

So, what do you look for when you’re out purchasing a tee? Do you prefer comfort or quality? Luxury or simplicity? Do you take the fabric into account? Does the cost matter to you? Let’s see why getting a high-quality tee-shirt is a worthwhile purchase.


What is High Quality?

Tees are considered high quality when they are designed to last with extra soft fabric, which is both breathable and durable - allowing their wearers comfort. High-quality t-shirts are also those that don’t fade away or tear out easily after going through a wash. Such tees are durable and enable consumers to look their best by maximizing their style game.

We’ve all had white t-shirts that look good at first, only to fade soon after and develop unpleasant marks under the armpit area. High-quality tees cost more to manufacture than ordinary tees, but yes, they do deliver the value for money. Their lightweight and moisture retention abilities are what sets them apart from other t-shirts, as well as stop fading and reduce stains and wrinkles.

When shopping for tees, carefully evaluate their quality and user reviews before making a purchase. Ordinary tees that are mass-produced, are treated with chemicals and fertilizers, which is the number one reason why tees made from it wear out easily after just a few washes. The chemicals present in the fabric may also get to your skin when you wear such a tee, and that isn’t safe for your health either.

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Quality vs Quantity

A common mistake that many customers make is to purchase many different tees based on price. But buying cheap also has a price; it may cost you less money in the short-term, but it’s also not going to provide you with any comfort owing to its quality of fabric and thread work.

Also, if you think about it closely, buying cheaper tees won’t really save you any money as they will require you to wash them frequently. Such vigorous washing will lead to the shirt fading away, not to mention stretching it out until it eventually becomes ugly and unwearable.

Before you know it, you’re back at the store again looking for a bunch of new tee shirts. Do yourselves a favor and save yourself from such a hassle. Instead, invest in a good quality tee from the very start that will last longer, and will provide you comfort and a sense of style. For example, the xTee 2.0 keeps its original quality up to five times longer than a standard t-shirt. Why not just keep a few nice t-shirts instead of 15 average ones?


5 Key Benefits of a High-Quality Tee

Let’s explore a few benefits of purchasing a top-quality tee:

1. Maximum Comfort

Every good t-shirt should offer comfort as its basic feature. If you’re not comfortable with what you wear, what even is the point? Make sure to invest in a tee that is made up of good quality fabric, and allows you to be at ease when you wear it. Get a tee that has a six-way stretch and feels like a second skin onto your body. Some even have no stitching at all, adding to a whole new level of comfort and flexibility. Having flexibility without permanent stretch marks (especially in the neck area) is a great benefit of a long-lasting and comfortable shirt.

2. Minimized Body Odor

Some tees don’t require you to wash them as much as they don’t absorb an individual’s body sweat. These tees have a prolonged life span since you wouldn’t need to wash them frequently and wear them out by doing so. Hence, you don’t have to worry about wearing the same tee over and over again as it will minimize sweat absorption and body odor. This is especially important in the hot summer weather when smells can come about easily.

3. Moisture & Sweat Absorbed

When you go out on a hot sunny day, you ought to sweat. Ordinary tees make your sweat more prominent by wetting the whole t-shirt. However, if you invest in a good quality tee, like perhaps the xTee 3.0, say goodbye to moisture and wet tees. Such tee shirts wipe all the moisture away and keep you dry and fresh all day long, ridding you of embarrassment as well.

4. Stain Protection

Yes, you read that correctly. If you’re an avid spiller like us, you for sure need to purchase a t-shirt that helps you get away with it. Get shirts that have liquid-repellent nanotechnology instilled within the fabric that allows you to be protected from stubborn stains and accidental spills. Make sure to get tees that enable you to sport a sharp look without having to worry about awful-looking stains, even on white t-shirts!

5. No Fading & Unpleasant Marks

Don’t you just hate it when there are huge circles of stain marks near the armpit area? Not only does it look bad, but it can also be embarrassing when you go out in public wearing a shirt like that. Furthermore, washing the shirt repeatedly will wear out the color of the shirt, making it look dull and unattractive. If you, however, get a good quality tee-shirt, then you won’t have to go through such an experience. Instead, you’ll know the shirt that you pull out will be in great shape and ready to wear.

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Final Thoughts

All in all, spending a decent amount of money on good quality tees is certainly a good investment. You don’t want to go out and not look your best, right? This is exactly why having a good quality t-shirt grace your wardrobe is a wise decision. You should always be comfortable with fashion, and tees from xSuit guarantee you just that. More than 750 verified five star reviews show how the xTee has changed people’s minds about what a t-shirt can mean.

So, instead of wasting your money on tees that don’t deliver the priormost feature any tee should have which is comfort, purchase ones that enable you to avail all the benefits a good-quality tee shirt should have. Look stylish and sharp without having to put much of an effort, just with the t-shirt alone, or layering it with other clothes.

All of these factors mentioned above are exactly the reasons why you should invest in a good-quality tee shirt. They don’t only enhance your wardrobe, but also make it worth your money.

Enjoy top quality while looking and feeling your best!

Happy t-shirt buyer