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Which Mask Type Best Suits Your Personality in 2021?

In today’s world, masks are commonplace and often a boring and unpleasant topic. But who says that masks can’t be fun, stylish, and comfortable? In fact, you have a new way to show off your personality and creative side if you like to.

Fortunately, there is a wide variety of mask options out there. From the creative (and errr… somewhat questionable) homemade masks, to premium choices that have advanced scientific engineering, there are no shortage at every quality, imagery, and price range. So what type of mask wearer are you? And which xMask best suits your unique personality and you could save 50% on?

Let’s read on to find out…


The ‘Must Have it All’ Person

      You are not satisfied with a standard blue medical mask that blends in with all the rest. In fact, you only seek the most premium and comfortable option to grace your precious face. You want to impress people and have them wonder where you got such an awesome mask (even if you might not give away your secret).

      For you, the xMask Pro is the only option that will keep you satisfied. Seriously - you need to try this thing. With a 360° seal and advanced filtration, it is a super premium and safe mask, but also so comfortable on your face with its silicone mold, comfortable and adjustable ear straps, and big open space that will make you forget anything is touching your skin. Not to mention it looks super stylish in its textured black or white options. Included with it are premium filters to place in it – each giving you more than 100 hours of maximum protection. You don’t need to settle when you go Pro.


      The Sporty Person


        For you, being active is the most important thing. You need to run, bike, work out, sweat, and play sports both outside and in. To be safe, it's good to keep a mask on while you are in action – but you don’t want it hurting your comfort and performance while you do your thing. And having a super sweaty and sticky mask face is definitely not an option for you.

        For this personality type, the xMask Sport is the easy answer. With 7 colors to choose from (including a super cool red one), all of them are the same super breathable mesh mask with 6 layers of high-grade protection. Its designed to be both ultra-breathable and safe with its Antimocrobial Fiber, and 2 way valve system. Like the Pro, it comes with extra filters inside of a super premium box. This mask is so cool that even Tom Cruise has been known to wear it (really). So why not give it a try while its on a great half-price offer right now?


        The No-Frills Minimalist Person

        Some people don’t want to get a fancy mask, but still want something that looks great and feels super soft, while keeping them safe. Something able to grab and go, cram into your pocket when needed, and throw in the wash for a quick cleaning. The simplicity of it all allows you to focus on the things most important to you – whether it is time with your family or a really cool project you are working on.

        For this person, the xMask Air (the Alex Costa mask worn in the image above) is a great choice. It’s toned down style does not sacrifice its comfort… in fact it's ultra soft, secure, and great to wear in basically any type of situation. When you wear one of these, you’ll never be able to wear a cheap, low-quality mask again. Another great thing about this is that you can add in the included filter into the special pouch on the mask for extra protection, or take it out to as some more lightweight comfort when you like.


        The Crazy (In a Fun Way) Person


        Are you that person that needs to stand out with something that is outlandish and attention-getting? You might be the type that would YOLO into buying a dragon mask! It’s the same awesome quality and comfortable mask as the xMask Pro, but decked out in some pretty extreme design features (including wings), as you can see. One thing is for sure — you’ll definitely have people asking curiously about it!


        The Forgetful (or Extra Generous) Person

        Do you find yourself always misplacing or losing your masks? Or maybe your young child is always moving them around? Perhaps you are just the one who always has an extra mask to help out someone who needs it. If so, then you could just stick with a pack of 50 disposable ones. Still high quality and safe - plus available in some interesting colors like black and pink.



        Deciding in the Face of Many Choices

        Now that we’ve covered a number of personality types, you can see that there is some kind of mask for everyone! If you are interested in snagging one of the above ones, there has been no better time with all of them discounted for the summer by 40-50%. You could even buy one for your partner or good friend (maybe the dragon?). Afterall - comfort, safety, and style is worth investing in.